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Weight: Handspun

Dyers of Handspun yarn

Camelot Dyeworks

Posted in Yarn

Camelot Dyeworks is a family-owned small business in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula. They dye all the yarns themselves and are licensed retailers of various kinds of…

Handspun Tails

Posted in Fiber, and Yarn

Nich is the dyer behind Handspun Tails, which offers sheep-free yarns and fibers made in the US Rockies.

Marina Skua

Posted in Yarn

Marina is the yarn dyer and hand-knit designer based in the outskirts of Bath in Somerset, UK. “I started dyeing wool yarn as a hobby…

Handspun Hope

Posted in Yarn

Handspun Hope is the project of a Texas Christian nonprofit that employs women at risk in Rwanda to handspin beautiful yarns. In addition to receiving…