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Photo of colorful variegated yarn announcing that dyers can advertise their latest collection for $5 for 30 days.

Thank you to my Patreon and Ko-fi supporters:

Patreon tiers include:

  • Lace Weight: A listing on this page with a link of your choice, starting at $3/mo.
  • Sock Weight: Personalized pattern, yarn and accessories yarn shopping service, starting at $5/mo.
  • Sport Weight: Ability to promote your site and that of a friend through a rotating feature on the front page (and a few other pages), starting at $10/mo.

You can also buy me a coffee.  ☕️

Funds raised pay for hosting, software licensing, and technical support. A hefty percentage of anything raised above costs goes to good causes.

They’re going to buy yarn somewhere … Advertise on Yarn Database.