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If you like Yarn Database, here are other tools you might find helpful or fun.

  • Accessible Patterns Index — Renee Van Hoy and Nicky Jensen have created a database of low-vision-friendly, screen-reader-friendly, Braille, and other accessible knitting, crochet and loom patterns.
  • Airtable — Victoria Marchant has put together a beautiful example and blank template to show you how to create an inventory of your stash, your projects and your patterns using Airtable.
  • Create2Thrive — This site sells patterns that then load into the kCDesigns library in Knit Companion. (You can also access your Ravelry library PDFs through KnitCompanion by completing a Ravelry login in KnitCompanion.)
  • Itemtopia — Free app for Android or iOS that creates a very customizable inventory of your yarn, tools, patterns, projects, etc.
  • Loom FAQs — Advice and conversion tables from Knitting Board for converting needle or hook patterns to a loom. A little extrapolation will help you do the reverse.
  • Payhip — How to Maximize the Accessibility of Your Payhip Shop, Part 1 and Part 2. Sarah Bradberry offers an easy guide to make your Payhip shop accessible for disabled users.
  • Prevent Chrome for iOS from opening a website – Prevent your iOS devices from opening surprise links to Ravelry (or any other site), etc.
  • Random Lace Pattern Generator — Select the number of rows and columns in your repeat, then choose your preferred increases and decreases, and off you go with Knitting Fool’s Random Lace Pattern Generator.
  • Random Stripe Generator — Input the yarn colors you want and the width(s) of your stripes, and Biscuits and Jam’s Random Stripe Generator will show you a possible configuration. Refresh the page to see another take on your choices.
  • Stitchfiddle — Convert your photos or drawings to colorwork patterns, or use Stitchfiddle’s canvas tool for knitting, crochet or cross-stitch to create a pattern chart.
  • Tejer en Inglés — Ayuda en español con patrones en inglés. Videos, tutoriales, etcétera. (Knitting in English — Help in Spanish with patterns in English. Videos, tutorials, etc.)
  • WorldKnits Knitting Calculators — Use WorldKnits’ calculators to map out increases, decreases and tapers.
  • YarnPond — Find pattern testers or designers who need testers. Tech editors and more are also available.
  • YarnSub — This very helpful database helps you find substitutes for yarns that are no longer available, find an affordable alternative, or use what’s in your stash instead of buying new.