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Tech Editors

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NameLinkSpecialtiesFee StructureAdditional InfoExclusionsReferenceWorkReferenceWorkReferenceWorkcraft_hfiltercountry_hfilterlanguage_hfilterconsider2_hfilterconsider_tech_hfilterownership2_hfilter
Dress Like an types of knit garments, cross checking charts and written instructions, brioche, and grading.Hourly, quotes provided upon receipt of pattern. All socks are not created equal 🙂knittingcanadaenglishcharts pattern-gradingbipocbipoc
Megan Fournierknitandotherwords.comAccessories, including socks and household items. Knitted lace and cable charts comparison against written instructions.Upon Requestknittingusenglishcharts
Brambles and Bindweedwww.bramblesandbindweed.comI edit all types of knitting patterns, including brioche, mosaic knitting and cables. I especially like working with new designers to help them develop their own pattern writing style. I can provide schematics, charts and grading services. I also edit and advise on the creation of low vision accessible patterns, and screen reader compatible patterns.Hourly rates, based on 15 minute intervals. Please see my website for more details.Testimonials and a selection of the patterns I have edited can be found on my website: charts pattern-grading schematics
Ajs Personal am editing Crochet. I am new, so not sure which I am best at yet. I have worked with one new designer, and love that aspect as well, Would love to work and grow with designers.Upon requestI do not edit Knit patterns, And for now I do not edit Tunisian patterns, but will in the future. I do not grade patterns, but do check the stitch counts.crochetusenglishdisableddisabled
Arctic edit all types of knitting patterns, articles, and instruction handouts. I create schematics and provide size inclusive grading for your pattern. I will be adding chart creation as well as crochet patterns in the future.Upon Request.knittingusenglishpattern-grading schematics
Stitches accessories and garmentsConsult website for detailsI am building a portfolio and my Specialties will grow from thereCrochet, grading, complex chartsknittingusenglish knitted patterns.First pattern free only for your feedback.I've participated on the basic tech editing course of Carol Ibbetson and I'm at the very beginning of my way. Later I would like to take advanced tech editing course but I want to start the real work right now! So I decided to offer you first free tech editing of your rather easy patterns (shawls, hats, gloves etc.) just for your feedback. I'm able to work with patterns in English, German, Italian and French. My mother language is Czech so I'm not able to correct language style except of some grammar. Apart of tech editing I offer translations to Czech, too.No grading yet.Arina ShmarovaDipole SocksJulee MackessyAshRose Shawlette Cowlknittingukczech english french german
Rebecca specialize in Knitting patterns. I have experience editing patterns using challenging constructions and techniques. I can also provide charting and grading services.I charge per hour and also provide a free final read-through to ensure your pattern is error-free.Upon Requestknittingukenglishcharts copy-editing pattern-gradingdisableddisabled
Snooptigger can edit both crochet and Tunisian Crochet but I prefer knitting patterns. Love editing socks, and other accessories. Will edit garmentsUpon Request - I will send you an estimate with your patternI don't edit toys.Website PortfolioHere's a small selection of patterns I've edited PortfolioA link to my Ravelry Portfolio with some more patterns I’ve edited is available upon request.crochet knitting tunisianukenglish
Marjan – patterns for home decorations, accessories (scarves, shawls, hats, etc.), amigurumi, etc. I can help you with chart making as wel as pattern layouts. I offer translation from English to Dutch, or vice versa.Upon request.At the moment I’m getting into tech editing and I’m offering my services to designers. I want to help you create the best version of your pattern possible! For the past 5 years I’ve been designing crochet patterns for several different websites and magazines. From my experience as a designer, I find it important that a pattern includes all the important information, is easy to understand and above all is fun to make!At this moment I'm not editing garment and knitting patterns.crochet tunisiannetherlandsdutch englishcharts layouts translation request.Upon request.2015-2021crochet knitting tunisiancanadaenglish frenchtranslation
Seelo Fiber Co. / Courtney am available now to edit patterns for knit accessories, shawls, and simple garments. I especially enjoy working on handwear, shawls, lace, and charted patterns.see current pricing at offer pattern accessibility consultation in addition to technical editing. If you're curious to know more about making accessible PDFs or have access needs you're trying to accommodate, please get in touch at!Not editing socks at the moment.Upon Requestknittingusenglishaccessible-formatting chartsdisabled lgbtq neurodivergentdisabled lgbtq neurodivergent
Renee Van Hoy Designs & consultant for print challenged and screen reader accessible patterns. I will edit all patterns in all crafts to make them accessible to people with visual challenges.Hourly, actual time used. I will also give project estimates.I provide training in accessibility as well.Making Stories MagazineIssue 5, Easy to Read versionUpon requestcrochet knitting tunisianusenglishaccessible-formattingdisableddisabled
Anne Marie Hart – Wahoo edit all types of patterns.$30 per hourJane Richmond2014 - presentShannon Cook2014 - presentLisa Chemery - Frogginette Knitting Patterns2014 - presentknittingusenglish
James with English as a second language. Multilingual editing. All knitting / crochet techniques. All pattern styles.£32 per hourPortfolio contains links to Ravelry - all clearly marked.I only offer technical editing as a service, and do not offer translation, ghost writing or grading.Testimonials can be found on my website, along with a case study and a portfolio of previous work.crochet knittingukdanish dutch english finnish french german norwegian spanish swedishlgbtq neurodivergentlgbtq neurodivergent
Nathalie Paquin Tech Editor/Test$CAD for hat/mittens 25$CAD for socks/scarfs 35$CAD for simple garments 40$CAD for detailed/colourworkNoneUpon requestknittingcanadaenglish french
Linda I can edit both knitting and crochet patterns, I mainly edit (and prefer) knitting patterns. I am happy editing socks, accessories and garments. I love editing lacework, cables, colourwork and brioche. I can also create charts and schematics. I work using both English and American terminology.£25 GBP/$35 USD per hour in 15 minute increments.I don't edit baby patterns or men's patterns.A selection of patterns I have edited can be found on my Instagram bio page knittingukenglishcharts schematics
WootCrafts requestI offer tech editing and chat moderation services.See my Instagram Highlight named "Edited"This highlight contains all the patterns I've edited and every designer I've worked with.crochet tunisianusenglish
Narali, I have no specialities right nowUpon requestNo exclusionsLola CrochetsThe siesta cardicrochetspainenglish spanish
Kayla Anderson | Heritage Arts Co.heritageartsco.comShawls, socks, sweaters, charted and written patterns, colorwork, lace, patterns translated into English, first-time/new designers, hats, mittens, children’sMy editing jobs are quoted based on an hourly fee + a discounted allowed billable overage. I don’t want any of my clients to be surprised when they receive their invoice. You will never pay more than the quoted total unless there are significant design changes or change of scope, but you may pay less than the quoted amount if the edit takes less time than expected.Additional services: schematics, illustrations, website copy editingEdited patterns featured on my Instagram with credit to designersknittingusenglishcharts copy-editing illustrations schematics
Beth, Fig & patterns with specific stitch placement or unusual stitches; innovations or techniques with which most people are unfamiliar; basic English grammar, and consistency based on a style sheet (or the ability to generate one based on your patterns, if none exists yet).Upon request, based on complexity of pattern and how much you would like me to do. Tech editing is billed per pattern, and services (PDF creation, chart creation, etc) are billed at a flat fee.I can edit garments on request, but a reduced fee would be negotiated due to my lack of experience here.Upon requestcrochetusenglishcharts copy-editing style-guides lace, colorwork, technical grading and technical designing.Upon RequestUpon Requestknittingusenglishpattern-grading
Knitting, lace, Japanese knitting, Estonian lace, shawls, socks, mittens, sweaters.$30 per hour, billed in 15 minute increments. Free quotations.My name is Laura Whittington, I'm an independent designer from the UK. I teach knitting and crochet. For the past two years I have been doing some technical editing and also translation from German to English. I can help you with schematics as well as pattern layout.None.Upon requestknittingukenglish germanlayouts schematics translation
Jacqui edit both UK and US crochet terminology, as well as knitting. I can provide Stitchmastery or Inkscape charts. I also offer garment grading.First edit is half price as we get to know each other’s style. Happy to work on fixed fee or hourly basis. Rate on request.Upon requestcrochet knittingukenglishcharts pattern-grading
Kerry types of garments and accessories, create charts and schematicsRates available on requestAvailable on requestknittingusenglishcharts schematics
Edith M. types of crochet.Upon requestPattern gradingUpon requestcrochet tunisianusenglish
Jo to edit any type of pattern, but socks are a speciality.Priced per hour. Please see website for current rates.Upon requestknittingukenglish
Kathie specialize in accessories, socks, ornaments, toys, and baby items and bring my own experience as a designer to my editing work. I'm happy to edit colourwork, lace, brioche, cabled, and mosaic patterns. I can create charts in Stitchmastery from your written directions or hand-drawn chart. I also offer pattern writing and designer style sheet development.I charge US$7.50/15 minutes with a 1 hour minimum. I offer a free final read-through after testing and/or before publication.I'm an Australian living in the U.S., so I'm comfortable with both British and American terminology.Currently, I don't work on adult garments.Please see my website for examples of recent edits and testimonials.Ravelry Tech Edit pattern pattern-writing style-guides written-instr-from-charts
Urban Yarning, Frauke Urbanurbanyarning.comThoughtfully designed and written patternsMinimum rates Accessories: 60€ + VAT if applicable Garments: 100€ + VAT if applicable Above that, my hourly rate if 35€/h +VAT if applicable appliesMinimum fee includes enough time to edit most patterns as well as access to me during all stages of pattern development for questions and discussions.No type of pattern is excludedKate Daviessince 2018, collections include: * Inkling * 10 years in the making * Knitting Season * Beginner's Knits + various individual patternsJill Wolcottsince 2019 * Ormt cowl * Kormt cowl * Ischia scarves * Lyon viel * French Quarter tank * ....Sylvia Watts-Cherrysince 2019 * Nubian Queen * Caledonia * ...knittinggermanyenglish german
Making Moments Tech (socks, shawls, hats, blankets, amigurumi, etc.).Hourly rate of $30 CAD. Please see my website for more details.Garments Tunisian Crochetcrochet knittingcanadaenglish
Tabitha’s Hearttabithasheart.comLace, cables, chart creation. Socks and shawls are a specialty. Am comfortable with garments too.Upon requestCrochetUpon requestknittingusenglishcharts
Bewildered Panda Knits (Sam Winkler) am happy editing any pattern from accessories to garments. I love working with unusual constructions or techniques but no pattern is too simple either. I love working with new designers to get them started!I will provide a non-committal detailed quote upon seeing the pattern. This quote will always be the maximum cap that you will be charged so there will never be any surprises.Full information, including references, can be found on my website.crochet knitting tunisianukenglish german
The Conscious Knittertheconsciousknitter.comI specialise in accessories such as socks, hats, shawls, cowls and blankets, particularly those featuring lace or cable designs. I can also create patterns for your written instructions.I offer a flat fee structure. Full details can be found on my website.I don't edit garments at this time.Upon requestknittingukenglishcharts
Susan Hislop (aka Sue-Cat) Unusual construction and complex garments but I work with any knitting pattern. - Grading (full service). - Schematic diagrams (Illustrator). - Chart creation (Stitchmastery). - Pattern writing and correction.See romance text.Some of the designs I've edited: see: copy-editing pattern-grading pattern-writing schematics
Yvonne tech edit, ghost writing ,and crochet chart creationsUpon requestKnittingUpon requestcrochetusenglishcharts pattern-writing
Sandra Conway Designssandraconway.comAll types of accessories, including brioche, lace and cable designs. Special interest in shawls, cowls and socks.My fee is a flatrate per page of editing. For individual patterns, this is €7.50/$10 per page. Please contact me in case you want to have multiple patterns or an entire book/ebook edited.I currently don't edit garments, although this is a service that I will be adding in the future.Emily Stamets DesignsAll currently published designs.knittingirelandenglish german
Ashley specialize in accessories (shawls, blankets, hats, socks, cowls, mittens, etc.). I have experience with lace, cables, colorwork, entrelac, and brioche. I can also create charts and schematics for your pattern.Hourly rate- $25 USDTo see testimonials and links to patterns that I have edited, please visit my website. NOTE: The Patterns Edited section contains unmarked links to Ravelry.knittingusenglishcharts schematics
La Visch offer technical editing services for knitting and crochet patterns in both English and Dutch. I have experience as a designer in both crafts. I particularly enjoy editing (and designing) shawls and other accessories like cowls but am, of course, also available for editing other types of patterns. Furthermore, if desired I can also provide the following services: - Create charts from written instructions using StitchMastery for knitting charts. For crochet charts I use Inkscape. - Develop style sheets. - Create vector schematics. - Translate patterns from English to Dutch and vice versa.My current rate for technical editing services is € 25 per hour billed in 15-minute increments. Simple accessories will take one to two hours, complex garments may take three to five hours. After you send me your pattern I can give you an estimate of the time it will take to edit. Ask about my new client discount!I also edited patterns in Dutch.Upon request.crochet knittingnetherlandsdutch englishcharts schematics style-guides translationneurodivergentneurodivergent
Edie can create knitting charts, schematics and crochet symbol charts using Adobe Illustrator. I can also help with layout. I also teach classes in pattern-writing for knitters and crocheters, which can save you time on tech editing fees.I charge an hourly rate based on actual time requestcrochet knittingusenglishcharts layouts schematics
Rachael Prest Editing and, accessories, lace, colourwork, gradingUpon requestToysUpon requestcrochet knittingenglishpattern-grading do tech editing of knitting patterns from accessories such as socks, hats, collars, gloves and garments. I can also create charts and written instructions from charts, both in English and Spanish.Rate: $20 per hour.I do not work with crochet or brioche.knittingenglish spanishcharts written-instr-from-charts
Josephine Kushtecheditsisters.comGarment grading Have tech edited garments, shawls, socks, accessories, decor items.Upon requestUpon requestcrochet knitting tunisiancanada usenglishpattern-grading
Annie B Lin – tech edit garment and accessory patterns, including complex cables and lace; brioche and sock patterns on a case-by-case basis. I create charts, written instructions from charts, and schematics.Estimates upon request; I bill at an hourly rate.IG: @knitablUpon Requestknittingusenglishcharts schematics written-instr-from-charts
Precision Technical shapes and constructions, garments in multiple sizes, socks. Experienced working with a wide variety of garments and accessories. Creation of charts and schematics.$25/hour. One hour minimum, billed by the 0.5 hour after the first one.I've been tech editing since 2017 and have experience working with both well-known, established designers and new designers just starting to publish their own patterns.Kate Atherley - kateatherley.com2017-present. Almost every self-published pattern released by Kate since 2017. One of the first patterns I ever tech edited was her motorcycle jacket, The Wild One - a good example of my ability to edit "weird" patterns.Destiny Itano -, Power and Parallels, Lakes to Sound, Genus Tulipa, Peaks and Valleys MittsKim McBrien Evans -, Endorphinsknittingenglishcharts schematics
Blue Crab Knits Tech copy, accessories, baby and children’s items and garments, assist with pattern namingFlat fee based on complexity of editing level. Details provided on website. $35 per hour if preferred.Grading and charting differ from editing. I edit charts and graded patterns but do not currently perform those functions.briocheLauren Rad abeeinthebonnet.comAmicus Socks, Gladdening Socks, Shortbread Shawl, Gingersnap Hat, Madeline MittsStacey Lewis the knitting tutor com12 Days of Baubles, Wirth It Hat, Deck Your Halls Stocking, Apple Blossom Cowl, Picots and Purls Earwarmersknittingusenglishcharts pattern-grading pattern-naming romance-copy
That Metzbower plus sizes garments$30/hrDesigner for over a decade, tech editor and grader for 4 years, third-party publishing tech editing experience, co-teacher of A Masterclass in Grading offered by The Tech Editor Hub.EntrelacPortfolio availableReferences are available on request, or on Ravelry at knitting tunisianusenglishinclusive-sizing pattern-grading
Lisa Beth Houchins at Meanest Mommy, shawls, and anything with charts or cables$35/hour. Quote provided before work is started.Brioche, knitted toysAmbah O’Brien75+ patterns from 2017 to presentKaty H. Carroll35+ patterns from 2016 to presentMiss BabsMember of the tech editing team for 6 pattern collections (I edited approximately 25 patterns) from 2018 to presentknittingusenglishcharts
Charlotte websiteUpon requestknittingukenglish
Heather from Crafty Ferret Tech, Accessories, Brioche, Beginning DesignersUpon RequestGrading also availableSocksUpon Requestknittingusenglish
Deb Brioche knitting£30 an hour. Hourly, in completed 5-minute blocks. First pattern fee is capped.I also offer: grading, charts, schematics, style guides, layout.Will be available on my websitecrochet knitting tunisianukenglishcharts pattern-grading layouts schematics style-guides
Heather am a TKGA-certified Tech Editor. I tech edit any and all knitting! I check grammar/spelling/phrasing as well as consistency of phrasing, and of course all math and stitch counts. I can help you grade your patterns, and I am committed to helping designers produce size-inclusive patterns. I can generate charts and/or schematics as well. I'm happy to work with new, as well as established, designers!Available upon request.Sample contract also available upon request.None.References provided upon request.knittingusenglishcharts inclusive-sizing pattern-grading schematics
Nicky Jensenwww.handknitsandhygge.comgarments, children's, inclusive sizing, accessible formattingquotes upon request, flat rates availableI also offer pattern grading servicesamigurumi, crochet chartscrochet knittingcanadaenglishaccessible-formatting charts inclusive-sizing pattern-grading schematics
rhyFlower lace, cables, brioche, textured stitches$30/hour with a one hour minimum.Upon Requestknittingcanadaenglish

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