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Unwind Knitwear


Rachel is the UK designer behind Unwind Knitwear. “I absolutely love designing and making knitwear,” Rachel says. “My knitting patterns are a reflection of my own personal style – I make what I want to wear – but also a reflection of my preferences as a knitter: I love colorwork, hate seaming and get bored very easily. I aim to create patterns that are interesting and enjoyable to follow, whilst also producing a beautiful and flattering garment that will be loved and worn for years to come.” Patterns are available on Payhip and LoveCrafts.*

Sample Pattern Gallery

To see all patterns by this designer, use the URL above.
Below are photos of a few representative patterns (with direct links to pattern pages) to give you a sense of the designer's work.
  • Delicate colorwork in long vertical motifs on the yoke, upper body and sleeves.
  • Fine horizontal stripes fade in and out randomly, creating a minimalist aesthetic.
  • Ashmore features delicate colourwork inspired by the concentric pressed flower art by Jennie Ashmore.
  • Waterfalls is a top-down, colourwork sweater featuring delicate cascades inspired by the movement of water.

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