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Sizes: Adults

This sizing category includes: all adult garments; all clothing items that generally are not sized, like scarves; and adult garments that have general non-numerical sizing listed in the pre-purchase write-up, or no sizes listed at all.

Tsin Bikéé’ Knits

Posted in Designers, and List

Tressa Weidenaar is the Native/Dutch designer at Tsin Bikéé’ (Wooden Shoe) Knits. Tressa lives in New Mexico near the Zuni Mountains.

Quirky Monday Crafts

Posted in Designers, and List

Caleisha Ryan is the Florida-based maker behind Quirky Monday Crafts. Caleisha also hosts the Quirky Monday Craftcast. Lots of exuberant crochet designs.

Craft House Magic

Posted in Designers, and List

Ellie of Craft House Magic is a knitting and sewing designer based in the UK. Craft House Magic also sells project bags, yarn and notions.