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Hunter Hammersen


U.S. designer Hunter Hammersen says, “I was supposed to stay in school for a shockingly long time, get a respectable-sounding job, and quietly become a proper grownup. Instead I got distracted by colorful string, started writing knitting books, and fled to the rocky coast of Maine where I spend a frankly alarming amount of time in my back yard taking pictures of yarn. But don’t tell anyone. … I’m still slightly worried someone will find out I escaped and try to drag me back to that other life.”

Sample Pattern Gallery

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Below are photos of a few representative patterns (with direct links to pattern pages) to give you a sense of the designer's work.
  • Slippers with cabled band around the opening.
  • Knitted starfish in different sizes.
  • Hat gathered at the back with a narrow ribbed brim
  • Tiny fairy hats, cloaks and folded-leaf pouches.

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