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Item: Socks

Designers who create Sock patterns.

Stone Knits

Posted in Designers

Swiss knit designer Charlotte Stone of Stone Knits offers a sock for all seasons. Charlotte’s fanciful colorwork is so cute that you won’t be able…


Posted in Designers

Jill is a freelance graphic designer by day, and knitwear designer by night. In 2000, while earning her BFA in Graphic Design from Western Michigan…

Karen Whooley

Posted in Designers

Karen Whooley designs beautiful crochet, including lots of socks. “I love any yarn with silk and/or alpaca, lace weight yarn, cooking Italian food just like…

Vikki Bird

Posted in Designers

Vikki Bird is a knitwear designer from North East England. “I love to knit brightly colored blankets and garments for children, and slightly more sophisticated…

Alicia Plum

Posted in Designers

Alicia Plum, sometimes listed as Alicia Plummer, is a US knitting designer known for simple, elegant designs. “I want to spend time knitting, but I…