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Duke of Nikko


Duke of Nikko logo has bright circle surrounding Japanese character and graphic for equals signTennessee designer Duke Akiba creates beautiful colorwork designs in English and Japanese for Pride- and nature-theme items, from hats to drink cozies.

Sample Pattern Gallery

To see all patterns by this designer, use the URL above.
Below are photos of a few representative patterns (with direct links to pattern pages) to give you a sense of the designer's work.
  • Three double-knit coasters with the Japanese character for tea, along with a teapot.
    Cha (Tea)*
  • Two “male” symbols on rainbow flag background.
    The G Cowl*
  • Double-knit cowl says “BI,” backward and forward as the pattern.
    The B Cowl*
  • Japanese character for Grass is repeated on winter hat.
    Kusa (Grass)*

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