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Technique: Knitted Lace

Knitted lace and lace elements

Cath Ward

Posted in Designers, and List

Cath was originally taught to knit as a child by her grandmother, but only ‘re-learnt’ in the last ten years, and is still learning. Finding…

Wool Jewel

Posted in Designers, Etsy, and List

Caitlin Grace is the Maryland designer behind Wool Jewel. Love the macabre Midnight Mischief Socks.


Posted in Designers, Etsy, and List

Massachusetts designer Charlotte of Charknit hopes to share a love of knitting through the design of tools and patterns and through relationships with other knitters.


Posted in Designers, and List

Julia-Marie Hegenbart is the German designer behind Feinmotorik (Fine Motor Skills). There are a number of great patterns here for scraps or miniskeins. Julia-Marie’s gorgeous…

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