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Technique: Brioche

Designers whose work includes brioche knitting

Kate Atherley

Posted in Designers

Canadian designer, author and tech editor Kate Atherley is’s Managing Technical Editor, and a seasoned designer and teacher of all things knitterly. She has…

Heather Classen

Posted in Designers

Heather Classen is a pretty nerdy maker who designs knitting patterns, as well as works on tech projects, ceramics, music, and art.

Leela Frankcombe

Posted in Designers

Australian knitting designer Leela Frankcombe creates stunning brioche pieces. In addition to designing really interesting brioche, Leela is a climate scientist. Patterns are available through…

BebaBlanket Designs

Posted in Designers

The Greek designer behind BebaBlanket offers very clever crocheted blanket designs, along with a few other items for babies.


Posted in Designers

Chicago designer Jewell is the designer behind NorthKnits and the founder of Our Maker Life. “Knitting and crochet bring me spiritual peace and mental relaxation,”…