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Weight: Jumbo+

Dyers of Jumbo and heavier yarn

Betta Knit

Posted in Yarn

Italian yarn maker Betta Knit offers interesting yarns, including Fettucine, a cotton that looks as you would expect, a 100% camel yarn, recycled denim cotton…

Mrs Moon

Posted in Yarn

When Karen and Susan started the Mrs Moon yarn shop, “we quickly worked out what our customers and we wanted when it came to handknitting…


Posted in Yarn

Wulla is a UK dyer and spinner with some interesting offerings. The SuperPhat jumbo-weight yarn comes in lots of great colorways, and is featured in…

Jo Knit Sew

Posted in Yarn

How do you not love a website that opens with, “Hello, fellow yarnies and pants lovers”? Jo Knit Sew is the project of a busy…