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Smaatterier is run by Hilde,who designs both knitting and crochet patterns. Hilde is based in Norway and has an especially beautiful selection of mitten patterns. Patterns are available in English and Norwegian.

Sample Pattern Gallery

To see all patterns by this designer, use the URL above.
Below are photos of a few representative patterns (with direct links to pattern pages) to give you a sense of the designer's work.
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  • Dark mittens with flower design that extends across both mitten tops.
    Rosetta Mittens
  • Baby mittens on a string, with colorwork mermaid on one and undersea plants on the other.
    Mermaid Baby Mittens
  • Mittens with fern and butterfly colowork
    Mulberry Mittens
  • Children’s counting book in crochet.
    I Can Count

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