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Item: Legwarmers

Designers who create patterns for legwarmers


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Mona designs hand knitting patterns that are easily adjustable for a personal best fit. Mona enjoys blending traditional and contemporary styles, with a focus on…

Alicia Plum

Posted in Designers

Alicia Plum, sometimes listed as Alicia Plummer, is a US knitting designer known for simple, elegant designs. “I want to spend time knitting, but I…

Wolf & Faun

Posted in Designers

Nat is the designer behind Wolf and Faun. “My patterns are inspired by the rugged nature of the coastal rainforest environment I call home, with…

Kat Riddell

Posted in Designers

Designer Kat Riddell, aka The Wayward Knitter, is self-described as “a knitter, designer, library wizard and avid puppy snuggler. I love bad movies, cheese, and…


Posted in Designers

Kelly is the designer behind Bohoknits. “Bohoknits began in 2007 when I was living in a camper van and traveling across Canada,” Kelly says. “I…