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Bewitched Pigments


Bewitched Pigments is Lorna Michelle and Gwyndylyn, a mother-daughter collaboration brought about from a deep love of color and fiber. “Always looking for something a little different and not always finding it, we decided we could make our own and share it with everyone. Armed with a slow roaster, a bag of yarn, and a tub of dye we created our first skein and knew this was what we should be doing. Immersed in our love of nature and drawing on our magic passed down through the generations, we knew that magic starts at the seed of the soul, just as dyeing starts at the grain of the dye.” In addition to great yarn and patterns, Bewitched Pigments has a book club with themed yarns. Many of the patterns are also availalble as kits.

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Sample Pattern Gallery

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Sample Yarn/Fiber Gallery

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  • Soft yellow tonal yarn on variety of bases with a silk chrysanthemum.
  • Terry Prachett book and variegated skein that matches the bright colors in the cover.
    Equal Rites
  • Zebra yarn in the colors of Advent church candles, cool purple and aqua and warm gold.
  • Deep, mossy green tonal skein



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