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Item: Shawls

Designers who create patterns for Shawls and Wraps

Lee Meredith

Posted in Designers

Lee Meredith’s graphic design experience shows in her unusual combinations of color and texture and the playful nature of her knitting books, which will blow…

Riin Gill

Posted in Designers

Although Riin Gill of Ann Arbor, Michigan sold Happy Fuzzy Yarn, the yarn company’s knitted designs are available. They feature beautiful colorwork and textures. These…

Lucy Neatby

Posted in Designers

Lucy Neatby describes herself as “a technical knitter, I love to find out why things work. My approach to design is heavily influenced by whatever…

Talvi Knits

Posted in Designers

Finnish designer Susannah Winter of Talvi Knits says, “My design philosophy is to create what I love to wear myself. My business practices are founded…

Síle Thiels

Posted in Designers

Newfoundland designer Síle (“she-la”) Thiels is an accomplished Irish dancer and knitter. Síle is happiest when combining those two loves, hence the name of Síle’s…