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Seth Richardson


Seth Richardson is a knitting pattern designer based in Portland, Oregon. Seth enjoys creating pieces that use simple texture, and is especially interested in designing works that explore the various relationships of straight lines. Seth’s works are gender neutral, but he is often inspired by elements of classic menswear. Seth’s favorite projects are blankets, but he also enjoys designing wraps, scarves, and hats. Patterns posted on the website provide links to purchase the patterns from other platforms through clearly marked links to yarn producers’ sites, Ravelry, and Payhip.

Sample Pattern Gallery

To see all patterns by this designer, use the URL above.
Below are photos of a few representative patterns (with direct links to pattern pages) to give you a sense of the designer's work.
  • Cedar Hill Cowl uses a combination of garter stitch and simple lacework to create an offset chevron motif that evokes the needles on the branches of the evergreen trees that give Cedar Hill in Manhattan's Central Park its name.
    Cedar Hill Cowl
  • Inspired by the classic prep school necktie, Repp sports raised diagonal lines for simple texture on a stockinette background.
    Repp Scarf and Wrap
  • Slipped cable stitches create raised diagonal lines, establishing an illusion of woven latticework in the fabric.
    Firelane 1 Blanket
  • Beanie and cowl have bands of knitted herringbone stitch on a stockinette field.
    Blazer Stripe Cap and Cowl

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