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Blog Post: Inclusive sizing is now measurement based sizing

Yarn Database users have been able to sort patterns to find inclusively sized garments since the very beginning. I also don’t feature garments in Yarn Database social media unless they fit at the very least a 54”/137cm bust and usually larger.

My experience buying clothes in the United States has shown that I may need anything from a medium to an extra large garment, depending on which store I’m in, making those lettered sizes not very helpful. So if a pattern’s pre purchase info says it comes in S/M/L, I have no idea if it will fit me or not. I dearly wish all designers would list numerical sizing in their pre-purchase information.

It’s also true that what constitutes inclusive sizing can depend on whom you ask. I chose what was a common starting point, at 54”/137cm, but I began to think that having Yarn Database list  “inclusive sizing” was a lot like using those lettered sizes. Was it really meaningful? If someone were right at that 54”/137cm inclusive sizing cutoff, the inclusive sizing sort would always work. If they were at 64”/163cm, some shops I listed sold patterns that would fit them; some did not.

“Well, that’s just not good,” I thought, musing about my medium-to-extra-large body. “People should be able to shop a bit more precisely.”

So, I took apart the inclusive sizing category and created a Sizes dropdown for all sizes. Here’s what I came up with:

  • Adults – Non-garment items that were made for adults, like mittens and socks. Also, adult-size garments where sizing is either not listed or has no numerical information in the pre-purchase listing.
  • Adults up to 44”/112cm – Garments that have numerical sizing listed in pre-purchase information and are as large as 44”/112cm, including the recommended ease.
  • Adults up to 54”/137cm – Garments that are larger than 44”/112cm and as large as 54”/137cm, including ease.
  • Adults up to 64”/163cm – Garments that are larger than 54”/137cm and as large as 64”/163cm, including ease.
  • Adults up to 74”/188cm+ – Garments that are larger than 64”/163cm, including ease.

Creating that Sizes dropdown was a slog that involved reopening about 750 websites and peering at pattern listings, but I think it was worthwhile.

Now, at least something in the shop will fit your chosen size range. And I know you will find just the right yarn for it, too.