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Little Bishes Stitches


Text logoCatherine Gaertig is the German artist behind Little Bishes Stitches Hand Dyed Yarn. Dyeing brings Catherine “an incredible feeling of equilibrium, joy and inspiration.” Integrity in every step of the process is important, Catherine says, “most importantly, the integrity of the environment and the sheep that are generous enough to donate their wool for the skeins of yarn I dye in my studio. In this respect I only dye with yarn products that are mulesing-free.” Little Bishes Stitches also works to be as environment-friendly as possible. Dyeing products are not frivolously wasted, and water is reused as much as possible. Skeins are washed with environmentally friendly soaps and, weather permitting, air dried without dehumidifiers. Dye recipes use short heating times to conserve energy. Products are shipped in biodegradable sleeves and packaging.

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Sample Pattern Gallery

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Sample Yarn/Fiber Gallery

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These photos are presented to illustrate the maker's personal style and color aesthetic. They may not reflect current stock.
  • Variegated yarn rests on a woven plate. Colors are bright and cool and range from mint green to melon orange to deep purple.
    Cat Woman
  • Neon yellow skein with splashes of purple and blue.
    Inertia Creeps
  • Semisolid yarn in faded rose.
    You Make Me Blush
  • Very bright red-violet yarn shown with matching Halloween spider lights
    Electric Slide



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