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Made by Meli


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Summary: I'm Amelia. With over 10 years experience in being a crochet maker (one of many crafts!), I have made and tested countless patterns. With a background in data and spreadsheets, and a passion for all things crafty, it only made sense to venture into the world of crochet technical editing. Completing The Tech Editor Hub’s course has both given me the skills and knowledge required to tech edit crochet patterns, as well as the inspiration to support many a pattern designer in making their pattern the best it can be.
Fee Structure: On an hourly basis, pricing is $50 NZD per hour (approx. $30 USD), with a minimum 30-minute charge. A fixed quote can also be arranged.
Additional Information: I am in New Zealand.


Yarn Database lists Tech Editors to provide a service to tech editors and designers. Listings do not constitute a recommendation by Yarn Database. Potential clients are responsible for determining whether an editor will meet their needs.

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