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Evi Anthonissen


Crafts edited:
Languages edited: ,
Summary: Accessories & simple garments: send me your socks, scarves, hats, or anything else you need tech edited. Patterns for beginners: let’s turn more people into knitters with patterns aimed at first-timers. Designers for whom English is a second language: get your pattern tech edited and copy edited at the same time.
Fee Structure: Upon request.
Additional Information: Being a self-taught knitter, I’ve relied so much on well-written patterns to learn new techniques and skills. And now I want to pay it forward. As your tech editor, I can help you get to the best pattern—a pattern that is accurate, clear, and easy to follow for your knitters. And a pattern that will leave everyone feeling confident: * You as a designer can be confident that you have written instructions that your knitters can follow without frustrations or confusion. Which improves the likelihood that they will come back to you for future patterns! * Your knitters’ confidence levels will increase too as they can rely on your easy-to-follow patterns to improve techniques and gain new skills.
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