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Location: S. Africa

Yarn and fiber dyers who are based in South Africa

Karoo Moon

Posted in Yarn

Karoo Moon is based on the outskirts of the historical Karoo village of Nieu Bethesda. “We live to source and spin the most beautiful natural…

Knotty Habit

Posted in Yarn

Miensie is the South African dyer behind Knotty Habit. As Miensie started to use natural yarns, the interest in the process of spinning and dying…

Hartlam Yarn

Posted in Yarn

Hartlam Yarn describes itself as “luxury yarn, indie dyed in small batches, with love from South Africa.” Yarn is beautiful and plump, in mostly tonal…

Yama Yarn

Posted in Yarn

Madeleine is the dyer at Yama Yarn. “Adding color to yarn is my art; it is my creative expression and interpretation of the natural beauty…

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