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Republic of Yarnia


Black hand holding two straight needles and a crochet hook, against a red yarn ball.Irish dyer Mary (aka MRO) of Republic of Yarnia is a literary historian who specializes in the Middle Ages. “It just so happens that I really love crocheting and knitting, too, and I decided to marry two of my passions: crafting and medieval studies!” Mary says. “As a woman of color (born on settler land in Canada, my roots are from the Afro/Indo Caribbean diasporas), I’ve always been intrigued by hidden figures in the period I research. Some of the colorways of these figures inspired me to start this journey dyeing yarn based on these beautiful figures who are often overlooked or forgotten.” Gorgeous, clever colorways on lots of bases.

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Sample Yarn/Fiber Gallery

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These photos are presented to illustrate the maker's personal style and color aesthetic. They may not reflect current stock.
  • Red and blue variegated yarn with hints of yellow. Yarn is shown with scattered matching swirl marbles.
  • Varigated yarn in true blue and aqua, sprinkled with dried flower petals.
    Blue Theban
  • Deep green tonal yarn on five bases, sprinkled with bright pink fresh flower blossoms.
    St. Maurice
  • Pink tonal yarn with bright periwinkle speckles. Shown with large and small blooms that match the yarn.
    Balthazar’s Gift 2



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