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A Chick That Knitz


Tammy is the Oklahoma dyer behind A Chick That Knitz. “I feel so honored and blessed that I get to do what I love every day,” Tammy says. “I am at peace and relaxed working with the yarns and color and dreaming of what they might become someday. I get to touch, and create yarn and beautiful products. My love gets transferred to the yarn and becomes a tool for you to create a product that brings you joy and happiness. What an honor.”

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Sample Yarn/Fiber Gallery

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These photos are presented to illustrate the maker's personal style and color aesthetic. They may not reflect current stock.
  • Three skeins of mint yarn with pink, white and deeper teal highlights, along with a celebrity on a red carpet in a matching dress.
    Forget Me Not
  • Nearly black variegated yarn with cream and fuchsia patches. Shown knitted up to pool the pink portions on the near-black background.
    Black Orchid
  • Three skeins, pale lavender, cream with purple streaks and bright purple.
    Lavender Fields
  • Three skeins. A pinkish cream with bits of auburn, an auburn variegated skein and an eggplant skein.
    Primrose Hand-Dyed



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