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Urban Yarning, Frauke Urban


Crafts edited:
Languages edited: ,
Summary: Thoughtfully designed and written patterns
Exclusions: No type of pattern is excluded
Fee Structure: Minimum rates Accessories: 60€ + VAT if applicable Garments: 100€ + VAT if applicable Above that, my hourly rate if 35€/h +VAT if applicable applies
Additional Information: Minimum fee includes enough time to edit most patterns as well as access to me during all stages of pattern development for questions and discussions.


Kate Davies
since 2018, collections include: * Inkling * 10 years in the making * Knitting Season * Beginner's Knits + various individual patterns
Jill Wolcott
since 2019 * Ormt cowl * Kormt cowl * Ischia scarves * Lyon viel * French Quarter tank * ....
Sylvia Watts-Cherry
since 2019 * Nubian Queen * Caledonia * ...

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