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Tania Richter


Tania Richter, aka AetherFang, is a double knitting designer with a penchant for the fantastic. She started designing double knitting patterns in college in an attempt to stave off the cold Midwestern winters and now focuses on designing large scarves and shawls featuring dragons, phoenixes, and Celtic designs. Tania is also the author and designer behind Epic Knits, and is the creator of Yarn Quest – Heroes of Yarnia, the first Knitting Role Playing Game. In her spare time she enjoys video games such as Pokemon and Monster Hunter, writing novels, and her second job as a fantasy artist. Tania’s patterns are available on Payhip and LoveCrafts.

Sample Pattern Gallery

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Below are photos of a few representative patterns (with direct links to pattern pages) to give you a sense of the designer's work.
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  • Chinese dragon in sea of waves
    Aomi Dragon Wave
  • Dragon wraps around body of wide-sleeve sweater
    Drachen Jäger*
  • Feathery phoenix on triangular shawl
    Celtic Lunar Phoenix
  • Celtic knotwork wolves on each side of a round knot. Photo shows both sides of double-knit piece.
    Celtic Celestial Wolves

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