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D19 EcoFriendly Life


Vicky is the Ukrainian maker behind D19 EcoFriendly Life. “A miracle happened in my life: my son Vladik appeared,” Vicky says. “I want my child to live on a green zero waste planet. I decided that he would have only beautiful and safe things. … I would like every family to have such items. So that every child and adult can take care of themselves and the environment? So that we learn eco friendly life. Let’s make a zero waste world together!” This shop is a personal favorite. The quality and customer service are impeccable.

Sample Accessories

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These photos are presented to illustrate the maker's personal style and aesthetic. They may not reflect current stock.
  • Wooden container with yarn bowl in the center and wooden pockets on each side for accessories.
    Project Center
  • Personalized wooden sock rulers with needle gauge.
    Personalized Sock Ruler
  • Round wooden stitch markers with detailed image of hydrangeas.
    Hydrangea Stitch Markers
  • Half-inch thick smoothed wood yarn bowl in the form of a beautiful crate.
    Yarn Bowl



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