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Laverne is the designer and dyer behind BzyPeach, based in Atlanta. Clever, peach-theme accessories abound, along with great yarn and crochet patterns. NOTE: There is small amount of motion by a logo as pages load on Laverne’s main site. BzyPeach also has inventory on Etsy.

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Sample Accessories

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These photos are presented to illustrate the maker's personal style and aesthetic. They may not reflect current stock.
  • 2-inch high stickers of the head and torso of a variety of Black people, same drawings as on tote bags and journals on the site.
    Peach’s People
  • Tote back with a drawing of a Black man saying, A Gentleman never tells the size (of his stash).
    A Gentleman Never Tells
  • Hyper-realistic blueberry stitch markers/progress keepers.
    Blueberry Stitch Markers
  • Notebook reads, Stab. Pull. Repeat. Also on table are an espresso maker, a cup of espresso, a phone and a pencil.
    SPR Spiral Notebook



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