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Fiber Source: Europe

Makers who use fiber from Europe. UK yarns are listed separately.

Liverpool Yarns

Posted in Yarn

Erika Flory’s yarn company, based in Philadelphia, specializes in UK Shetland wool, both dyed and undyed. Liverpool Yarn was born Erika’s love of fiber and…

K-Zip Knits

Posted in Yarn

As a small batch yarn company, based in Surrey, British Columbia, K-Zip Knits is always looking for ways to brighten up the rainy days that…

Qing Fibre

Posted in Yarn

Qing Fibre is the creative vision of Layla (Qing) Yang. While learning to knit, Layla wanted more variegated and eye-catching colors that popped and changed…

Blacker Yarns

Posted in Yarn

Blacker Yarns is the producer for you if you love breed-specific wools and “woolly wools.” The interface is great, too. You can search by breed,…

Flying Fibers

Posted in Yarn

Flying Fibers in Landisville, Pennsylvania focuses on premium, breed-specific, British and U.S. fibers and yarns. Why British yarns? Well, to make a long story short,…