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Blog Post: Design changes afoot at Yarn Database

Yarn Database is now almost 2 years old, and it was time for a little bit of a facelift. I commissioned a new logo that celebrates knitting and crochet, in addition to yarn. I hope you love it as much as I do. It was just like when I painted the living room, though: I immediately realized I needed to replace the sofa.

So, I’ve replaced the random single-site “Have you met …” feature with a list of 10 randomly chosen listings so that you can get to know even more Yarn Database makers.

I’ve replaced the multiple “Recently added” boxes at the bottom of the front page (was not happy with those at all) with a blog-style list that includes the most recent makers, along with any blog posts I write. (I have a ticket in with the developer to make the font size bigger on the bloggy list. It’s not picking up the settings correctly.)

I added a rotating feature to support ads on the top right of the front page. Right now, it has a promotion for my support sites, Patreon and Ko-fi, and a promotion that makes it more obvious that anyone can add a free listing for their business.

I added the category field to the general search results table to make the results more useful. And I changed the way sizing is listed. More about that later.

I think these changes make the site more useful and attractive, and I hope you do, too. Thanks as always for your support for this project. Happy crafting.