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Photo of colorful variegated yarn announcing that dyers can advertise their latest collection for $5 for 30 days.

Welcome to Yarn Database

So, what is Yarn Database? This searchable, sortable site is designed to help you keep track of your favorite yarn community makers across platforms, and find new favorites. It lists knit and crochet designers, spinning fiber dyers and makers, yarn spinners and dyers, accessory shops, and tech editors. You mark your Favorites, and I’ll keep them up to date.

It’s a different approach than a pattern directory, more in keeping with “slow fashion” and building a community of makers. It de-emphasizes popularity algorithms in favor of finding makers you love.

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NOTE: Yarn Database does not link to sites that have unmarked links to Ravelry. See the About and FAQ pages for more information.

This Just In …

  • Serafina Hand Dyed Yarns

    Paula Spranger is the dyer behind Serafina Hand Dyed Yarns, a breed-specific, no-nylon yarn shop based in Portugal. The site is in Portuguese and English.…
  • Variegated skein goes from palest blue-green to gold to deep dusty purple.

    Craftily Dyed Yarn

    Colorado dyer Lauren Farrell is Craftily Dyed Yarn. “I’ve been crafting things since I was a child. I knit, crochet, sew, paint, draw, and just about every other kind of craft. I love all of it, but lately I’m enjoying knitting more than anything else!” Lauren says. Lots of great …
  • Wedge-shaped shawl starts at left through border diamond lace designs along the top and right. There are three vertical and three horizontal lace trellis patterns. Stocking stitch panels separate the lace areas.

    Cath Ward

    Cath was originally taught to knit as a child by her grandmother, but only ‘re-learnt’ in the last ten years, and is still learning. Finding new ways to use traditional lace patterns keeps Cath very happily occupied. She loves to see what happens to her patterns once they have a life of their own. …
  • Red-orange tonal yarn.

    Kitty Pride Fibers

    Kitty Pride Fibers is the house-dyed yarn from LYS Dye Hard Yarns. Dyer Chastity says, “I love color! I have a huge passion for the fiber arts, and I love sharing my art with other people.” Kitty Pride will dye to order and will even overdye yarn you used to love to create something new.…
  • Mosaic crochet blanket in alternating rows of squares and strips. Squares resemble hand-painted Moroccan tile.

    One Skein of Love Crafts

    Ana is the Portuguese designer at One Skein of Love Crafts. Gorgeous tapestry and mosaic crocheted blankets and more.…
  • Hand holds five crocheted white calla lilies, with blooms around 2 inches or 5 centimeters each.

    Happy Patty Crochet

    Thai designer Kanyarat, aka Patty, designs crocheted flowers you have to see to believe. “I love to collect strange colors of yarn that I’m sure I’ll use one day, but actually ends up being chewed by my two hyper-energetic cats, Mocha and Latte.”…
  • Socks with contrasting cuff, heel and toe, and colorwork of 20-sided dice on the leg.

    Flavi Makes

    US designer Flavia is a microbiologist by training and occupation. “I began seriously knitting and crocheting almost five years ago during graduate school, and it became a craft to express my creativity. I strive to make patterns that are easy to follow and size-inclusive,” Flavia says.…
  • Colorwork socks feature large skulls, all-seeing eye, cats, bats and more.

    Wool Jewel

    Caitlin Grace is the Maryland designer behind Wool Jewel. Love the macabre Midnight Mischief Socks.…
  • Rectangular wrap that changes color and texture as it goes.

    Cherry Heart

    Sandra Paul is the designer behind Cherry Heart. “My first loves are crochet, knitting and thinking up new pattern ideas,” Sandra says. “I’ve fallen in love with sewing, I enjoy quilting and I’ve also been known to try a little embroidery, cross stitch or weaving. All with an audio book …
  • Set of five hat patterns with cable-like textures.

    Shelby Nichols

    Shelby is a knitting addict, yarn collector, and now a pattern designer in the making. “I’m using my yarn stash as inspiration for a new collection of knitting patterns,” Shelby says.…
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