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Photo of colorful variegated yarn announcing that dyers can advertise their latest collection for $5 for 30 days.

Welcome to Yarn Database

So, what is Yarn Database? This searchable, sortable site is designed to help you keep track of your favorite yarn community makers across platforms, and find new favorites. It lists knit and crochet designers, spinning fiber dyers and makers, yarn spinners and dyers, accessory shops, and tech editors. You mark your Favorites, and I’ll keep them up to date.

It’s a different approach than a pattern directory, more in keeping with “slow fashion” and building a community of makers. It de-emphasizes popularity algorithms in favor of finding makers you love.

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NOTE: Yarn Database does not link to sites that have unmarked links to Ravelry. See the About and FAQ pages for more information.

This Just In …

  • Forty inch or 102 centimeter diameter round doily worked in number 10 crochet thread starts in the center with beginner-level stitches and proceeds to intermediate and challenging stitches. Breathtaking.


    Julia Hart of Draiguna crochet offers intricate thread crochet patterns, some with multiple carefully designed parts so you can choose your size and difficulty. Free patterns are available on, with ad-free and photo tutorial versions available for purchase through clearly marked links …
  • Blue spirit sprite is 9 inches or 23 centimeters tall. It has four wings, floppy, pointy ears, tiny horns and curly bangs. Sprite has a walking staff.

    Prismatic Fiber and Artistry

    Prismatic Fiber and Artistry lives and breathes all things fantasy. This is never more apparent than when you see their hand dyed yarn and crochet patterns. With a particular interest in rainbows and textured colorways, Dani’s yarns are perfect for every project, from amigurumi to garments. …
  • Coiled braid of spinning fiber in deep blues and browns with tawny orange and periwinkle highlights.

    Opal Moon Design

    US dyer Robin at Opal Moon Design offers hand-dyed spinning fiber and occasionally handmade project bags! “I live in the PNW with my partner and our pets, and fill my time with photography, fiber arts, and games,” Robin says.…
  • Variegated hanks with a lemon tonal base and warm brown speckles.

    The Wool Seeker

    This Quebec-based small-batch dyer offers high-quality yarns and fibers for artisans and enthusiasts. “While I split my time between Canada and South Africa,” The Wool Seeker says, “my business operations are currently based in Canada, ensuring efficient service delivery to our valued customers. …
  • Lantern Light Yarn & Fiber

    Samantha Adams is the owner of Philadelphia’s Lantern Light Yarn & Fiber, an independent, woman-owned small business specializing in unique, thoughtfully curated hand-dyed yarn and fiber.…
  • Cat is belly-up on multicolor blanket knit corner to corner with overlapping spirals.

    Of Mars Crochet

    South Carolina designer Hannah is a full-time fiber artist. “In addition to crocheting I also sew, dye, spin yarn, cross stitch, and weave. I love dabbling in just about anything fiber-artsy,” Hannah says. One of Hannah’s favorite techniques is freeform crochet. In addition to patterns, Hannah …
  • Scarf has waved texture, including a second color on the front to bring out the design.

    Jeny Staiman

    Seattle designer Jeny Staiman says, “Fundamentally, I approach knitting like an engineer: I want to understand what makes something work. I zoom in and examine the detail. I question traditional ways of doing things. … The most important questions to me are, what is the most fun for me? And then, …
  • Seven mini skeins in red, blue, green, cream, purple and black. Most skeins are tonal and a few are variegated.

    Lichen and Lace

    Canadian Megan Ingman is the proprietor and dyer of Lichen and Lace. Formerly the owner of Lettuce Knit yarn shop in Toronto, Megan and family moved to New Brunswick in 2012 to live a more relaxed lifestyle. Inspired by the sea, the forest and marshes of New Brunswick, Megan creates beautiful …
  • Woman wears black halter top with lacy bottom edge, solid bra cups, then lace from the cups to the neck closure. A crocheted skull features prominently.

    Lunar Still

    Lithuanian crochet designer Lunar Still has a beautiful collection of Gothic garments, collars, gloves and more. “As an artist, I strive to make something different but very sustainable and versatile,” Lunar says. “I believe that Gothic-style clothing should be one of a kind, not designed for …
  • Mother and small child wear a hat with a texture broken into triangles. Each triangle has ribs running either horizontally or vertically.

    Ewelina Murach

    Ewelina Murach is a Polish designer living in the UK. “I love knitting and experimenting with textures and constructions,” Eweline says. “I also enjoy simple knits with interesting yarns.” Many patterns are available in adult and children’s sizes.…
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