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Welcome to Yarn Database

So, what is Yarn Database? This searchable, sortable site is designed to help you keep track of your favorite designers and dyers across platforms, and find new favorites. It tracks knit and crochet designers, spinning fiber dyers and makers, and yarn spinners and dyers. You mark your favorites, and I’ll keep them up to date.

It’s a different approach than a pattern directory, more in keeping with “slow fashion” and building a community of makers. It de-emphasizes popularity algorithms in favor of finding makers you love.

Ways to Find Information on Yarn Database

  • The Yarn, Fiber and Designers tabs linked above each go to a sortable, filterable table of all the related makers on the site. Want a UK yarn maker who sells variegated BFL fingering weight yarn? I’ve got you covered
  • Those pages also contain a link to an alphabetical list of all makers in that category, which is really helpful if you know who you’re looking for, want to see if your business is listed, or just need a cleaner way to browse.
  • You can also try the Find a Maker page, where you can choose one quality and see all the entries on the site that have that attribute.
  • Want to browse some new-to-you makers? Try the “Have You Met …” and “Recently Added” features at right.
  • Just want to keep track of your favorites? You can do that, too, by creating a log-in and clicking the Add button next to Favorite? on any maker page.


Yarn Database’s design is based on the Unlimited WordPress theme, which conforms to ADA and WCAG 2.0 standards.

The table functionality on the Yarn, Fiber and Designers pages is easy to navigate using a keyboard. Please be aware that each filter may refresh the table. The effect is gentle, but if page refreshes are disruptive for you, try some of the other options in the bulleted list above.

Because Ravelry has been linked to health problems for some users, Yarn Database does not contain links to Ravelry and does not link to designers, tech editors or dyers whose sites contain unmarked, “surprise” links to Ravelry. I check each site carefully, but of course, no one is perfect. I’ve found the most surprise Ravelry links in blogs, pattern roundups and kits, so if you are sensitive, be especially careful in those areas.

Are you having accessibility issues with Yarn Database? Reach out using the Feedback form, Twitter or Instagram.

Inclusion and Responsibility

Yarn Database is a variegated list of makers for a variegated group of users. You are welcome here.

Any listings that cause excessive stitch tension will be removed. Criteria include but are not limited to any form of bigotry (including cultural appropriation), unethical practices, or a pattern of bad customer service. Please share any concerns you have about the contents of Yarn Database.

No sites were scraped to create this database. You’re welcome to cut and paste your Yarn Database search results into a spreadsheet for offline use, but please don’t publish my individually researched entries elsewhere without permission. If you want to use Yarn Database information for a project, let me know. I’ve OK’d a few already.

Are you a maker listed on this site?

If your business is listed in Yarn Database and you’d rather the entry said something else, let’s change it. Please use the Feedback form to let me know what you’d prefer. I will happily add an image or logo to your page, with permission.

Patreon users at the Sport Weight tier will get priority placement for their site and that of a friend through a Patrons’ Favorites rotating feature on various pages of the site. See the Patrons tab for more information.

Please reach out, because …

I don’t know your favorites yet
Obviously one person can’t source all the great designers and dyers out there.

This is already out of date
Yarn Database will forever be a UFO. Inventories change, new makers emerge, businesses change their names or move their shops. I regularly check links and inventories, but please let me know if you find a broken link or have updated information about a maker.

Appreciation is always appreciated

Each Yarn Database entry is individually researched, and that takes time. Buy me a coffee if you’re feeling flush, or join the Yarn Database Patreon.

Thank you for being here.

– NancyM

About Me

I grew up in the Midwest region of the US, where my grandmother knit and crocheted me sweaters with knee-length sleeves until I graduated high school. I learned to make my own misshapen garments years later after a friend dragged me to a knitting group while I was going through a tough time. After about a year of hemming pants and fidgeting every Wednesday, I asked the knitters to teach me.

I love slipped stitches and cables, and I love colorwork when other people do it. I love variegated yarn and rare breed sheep. I love obscure colorway names. I can crochet rectangles that slowly become trapezoids, and have mastered the granny square. I started Yarn Database in August of 2020.