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Use this form to share your business or your favorite designer or dyer with other Yarn Database users. There’s no fee to be listed, but I wouldn’t say no to a cup of coffee.

Because Ravelry has been linked to health problems for some users, Yarn Database does not link to Ravelry or to sites that contain unmarked, “surprise” links to Ravelry. See the FAQ for more information about this requirement.

If this is your business, you may email a logo and product photos to

Suggest a Dyer or Designer

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Please fill out the relevant fields below to nominate yourself or a favorite maker. Most fields are optional. Just fill out as much as you know. Thanks!
If possible, write a short paragraph about who this maker is, their creative process and their shop offerings.
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These identifiers are completely optional. Choose any and all that are relevant. These factors are used by people who want to shop or hire inclusively, as well as to those who want to assemble inclusive panels, podcast guest lists, etc.

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If you are the owner of this shop, you can submit a logo or photograph. Drop it here or email me using the link at the bottom of this page.

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Techniques in Patterns
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For the purposes of this site, Accessories are anything not otherwise listed that is wearable, such as hair scrunchies, jewelry, belts, etc.
Designer Considerations
If you check Accessibility, please include in your description the type of accessibility your work offers - low-vision PDFs, screen-reader tested patterns, etc.
Please include the actual bust size ranges that apply, once ease is factored in, for garments. For kids sizes and non-garments, choose Adults, Babies and Children.

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This information is requested so that users can estimate shipping. If the maker is in a location not listed, make a note in the Additional Info field at the end of this form.
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Add anything else you’d like me to know about this maker. This is a great place to put information that didn’t have a checkbox in the sections above.