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Erieli Knits


Erieli Knits logo with photos of designs and yarn.Erieli Knits is dedicated to making knitting and crocheting more accessible and inclusive. “We hope to see the crafting community grow, and seek to provide valuable education material for free,” owner Raeli says. “Taking up a new hobby can be daunting and expensive. It is our goal to demystify the fiber world, be a resource for new and potential fiber enthusiasts, and help people find ways to make their new hobby budget-friendly.” Patterns for purchase are available under the Shop section. The Blog section contains free patterns (or a few dollars for a PDF). All links to Ravelry are marked, but watch closely because the wording of the blog links varies.


This maker's artistry has the following features. To see other makers in this database who offer the same features, click the links below. Inventories and links change frequently, so Yarn Database will always be a bit of a UFO. Do you have a minute to offer corrections to this information?