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Riverstone Yarns


Illustration of mountains and a stream, with a ball of yarn in the foreground. Writing says Riverstone Yarns.In addition to beautiful yarns, Susan at Canada’s Riverstone yarns offers a wide variety of wood and antler buttons. The wood is from fallen or pruned limbs. The antler buttons are mainly from shed antlers and occasionally from recycled antlers of unknown provenance.

Sample Accessories

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These photos are presented to illustrate the maker's personal style and aesthetic. They may not reflect current stock.
  • Round, oblong and toggle buttons with bark still on.
    Assorted Wood Buttons
  • Round wood buttons. Natural color of the wood is a pale green.
    Oregon Grape
  • Oblong polished slices of deer antler, drilled for buttons.
    Deer Antler
  • Antler buttons in various shapes from round to teardrop.
    Assorted Antler Buttons



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